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A fearless defender of intellectual property

Access to vast Asian, Chinese, and online markets has become increasingly critical for transnational companies especially during these times.

But having a carefully nurtured brand and a proprietary product, service or technology savagely copied by your local business partner or some pirates in the online and offline marketplaces can be devastatingly costly to companies big and small.

Not on Bernie’s watch.

Bernie has over 20 years of experience in intellectual property and technology, media and entertainment, corporate commercial, and corporate governance particularly in China, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. Having worked in first-tier international law firms and the third largest luxury fashion group in the world, she is uniquely positioned to help you protect and monetise your intangible assets. If you have a problem (or want to prevent one) with a shareholder, board member, employee, manufacturer, supplier, contractor, designer, distributor, franchisee, licensee or a third-party infringer, Bernie can help.

… and more, meet your general counsel the Rebel Lawyer… and more, meet your general counsel the Rebel Lawyer

Known for her integrity, intuitive and methodical understanding of senior management and in-house counsel’s values, priorities, and needs way beyond intellectual property, and with a proven track record delivering innovative, strategic and sustainable solutions in a cost-effective manner, Bernie is your quasi-General Counsel who guides you through times of change and meets your business objectives, operating as an essential business advisor to the board as well as a solution enabler.

Bernie is a rebel lawyer who not only has professional legal skills, but also acute business acumen and empowering coaching skills. She is her clients’ closest business and personal ally, who empowers them to discover new horizons for themselves and for their organisations.

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Click here to book a connection call with Bernie to see how she can help you. Her ‘General Counsel’ legal retainer packages range from 6-12 months and can be tailored-made just for you.


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